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How To Upgrade Apple iMac Memory

This can be done in less than 30 minutes whether you are new to computers or not.


- This is upgrade is for iMac 21.5" for late 2011 Model.

- Anti Static bracelet will be useful in case you're uncertain about any type of remaining electricity going into the iMac.

1- Unplug the power adapter, make sure there's no power WHATSOEVER going in.

2- Place the iMac on a flat surface but use a soft and clean towel before doing that to avoid scratching the display.

3- Remove the screws from the Memory Access door of the iMac using a Philips Screwdriver

4- Untuck and Gently pull the tab to eject any installed memory module.

5- Now you can insert your new memory into the empty slots, push the memory sticks until you hear the click.

6- Screw the Memory Access Door back in and place the monitor back to its upright position.

7- If you are still confused with the STEPS, please watch the video below.

Sources: iMac figures from and Anti Static bracelet can be purchased from eBay or Amazon.

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