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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5 Times Better Than iPhone 6S Plus

Understand this is from a personal point of view. If you share the same smartphone values as me then you'll agree. I like Samsung and Apple especially their smartphones which I believe are simply the best in the market. Some people don't have or don't need a reason to like a phone, they look at a phone if it looks good, then they don't care about the rest.

Here's why I believe we should know the reasons one phone is better than the other. In this case, Samsung GS7 vs iPhone 6S Plus.

1- Battery Life:

Samsung GS7 Edge has 3600mAh vs iPhone 6S Plus with 2750mAh

Does it matter? Yes, simply because people spend hours on their phones daily so they need to rely on the battery for at least 12 hours. Some spend 24 hours... LOL

2- Processor:

2.15Ghz Quad Core for Samsung GS7 Edge vs 1.84Ghz Dual Core for the iPhone 6S Plus.

Does it matter? Yes, people like when they can just click Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from their phones and it doesn't take forever to access those websites. Looking at those numbers, you don't have to be an engineer to see the difference.

3- Storage:

iPhone 6S Plus offers 16GB, 64GB and 128GB while Samsung phones offer up to 256GB of storage.

Does it matter? Yes, Nowadays, people are recording tons of videos, photos which consumed a lot of space. They'll be happy to save an extra $100 to get a $20 SDCard on eBay and get more storage (about 128GB) of storage instead of 48GB-(difference between 16GB and 64GB for iPhone).

In other words, iPhone 6S no external storage capability, Samsung GS7 up to 256GB of storage capability.

4- Display/Resolution:

Samsung GS7 Edge has 534ppi(pixel per inch) which gives it sharper/clearer screen vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus with 401ppi.

Does it matter? Not really, but for some people, the brighter/sharper/clearer the better.

5- Camera:

Both of them have 12MP in the back but Samsung GS7 camera is way sharper than the iPhone according to many. Don't get me wrong, iPhone over the years have been pretty good with their cameras. 5MP front camera for GS7 and 1.2MP for iPhone 6S Plus which means selfie is "une catastrophe"

Does it matter: HELL YEAH

Bottom line: If you are thinking about buying a new phone, go test Samsung GS7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6S Plus first and then do what you feel will benefit your taste.

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